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Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 09:44:48 -0600
From: John Thompson <>
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Harvey M Sachs wrote:

> Now, I just want to note that the same picture also shows a box for a
> "Nylfor All Nylon Head Fittings" head set. It reeally was all-nylon,
> including the ball bearings. I still have a complete set, perhaps
> missing a few balls. Used it on Beloved Spouse's very light Super Vitus
> bike back in the 1970s, but eventually removed it in favor of a
> Stronglight with roller bearings. So, engineers recovering engineers,
> and trivia freaks, Here are the questions: What lubricant is proper for
> a nylon ball bearing set?

None; the nylon is considered to be self-lubricating.
> For extra credit: Is the rider weight limit
> for this thing more than 100#/45 kg? :-)

That depends on how long you'd like it to last. In many cases the Nylfor headset was considered to be a disposable item, used for events where light weight was felt to be more important than long term durability.


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