Re: [CR] Teledyne Titan queries

Subject: Re: [CR] Teledyne Titan queries
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 00:38:17 +0000

Titans weren't painted, and nothing else on the planet looks like one, so there is about zero possibility that someone could intend to mislead anyone by purchasing some reproduction Titan decals. If someone makes some, and then sells some of them, identifying them clearly as reproduction decals, what's wrong with that? I don't get it.... While we're on the subject, what about reproduction or replacement decals for fully chromed bikes? I can't get Pogliaghi decals for my chrome 1960s Pog because some guy won't sell them without a paintjob....??? Greg "huh?" Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 15:53:22 -0500 From: To:, Subject: Re: [CR]Teledyne Titan queries

<< Does anyone know if Teledyne Titan frame stickers have been reproduced?>>

Scott: Yes, those have been very nicely reproduced by a specialist bike decal screen printer.. They however must be obtained from a professional painter because the maker will not sell to the public. I would suggest going to Ed Litton & get him to obtain those for you. Shouldn't be much more than $50 for the set.

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Does anyone know if Teledyne Titan frame stickers have been reproduced? I've poked around at the likely sites, and haven't found them yet. Probably time to just start phoning around, but I'd love to be pointed somewhere likely (or definite) to start with. I'm pretty sure that they were vinyl to begin with, so they could be done fairly easily by somebody with the patterns.

I have serial number 2062, a 24" cracks or repairs (but a mysterious small dent/tear in the seat tube, about midway down...clearly from trauma, not fatigue).

If I can't find replacement badges, I'll probably just run it as a bare frame, as a fixed looks incredible set up that way, and there are a couple of gearing options that work out really nicely (vertical drops, so one has to use Fix-Me-Up to identify workable combinations for the length of the stays (48-19 is about right for San Francisco)).

Finally, as a complete long shot...does anybody know of an original fork for a 24" Teledyne gathering dust anywhere? I know they had problems, but I thought I'd ask if there was a take-off gathering dust anywhere...maybe from a discarded frame that developed all of the other cracks these frames were famous for.


Scott Minneman
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