Re: [CR]Expensive$ clips ?

Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 20:58:22 -0800
From: jj & kk <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Expensive$ clips ?
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There is an image of similar clips with the early shape and stamping.

The top tube clips you referenced # 7209890006 are in much better shape than those that made it on the hit parade a while back.

Thank goodness most of my bikes are in the 70's where the chromed steel clips are hard enough to locate. The later stainless steel parts are much easier to locate and command the lowest price.

These were often exchanged out long ago in the course of maintenence or rusted

As a guide for myself, the "glassine" envelopes usually have the chromed steel versions, but not these early ones. The opaque bags have the later stainless steel clips typically.

There might be even another version, I have not concerned myself too much as the prices seem th rocket upwards. As the prices are probably past the price of gold by weight, you may have quite some potential in that drawer.

John Jorgensen
Palso Verdes Ca