Re: [CR]Stress risers and Pantographing

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 10:45:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Raymond Dobbins <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Stress risers and Pantographing
To: kim klakow <>, Tom Sanders <>
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hi kim,

i don't know what eddy merckx weighed when he rode drillium parts, but he wasn't small and he rode pretty hard (sorry for the understatement), yet i've never heard of any of his drillium parts ever having failed. maybe he put on new rings every couple of stages/races, but even then, i would bet that he inflicted more punishment on his rings in one day of stage racing, than most heavy and/or strong non-racers ever could. does anybody know of drillium rings having failed, especially when used by racers? i know stems that have been excessively drilled or milled, are known to have failed, but i'm curious about rings in particular.

as far as pros riding panto parts (as opposed to drillium parts, but is there really a difference?), i have seen photos of saronni riding colnago panto rings and stems, as well as sercu with a gios panto seat post and ring on his brooklyn team bike. i am sure they were not the only ones that raced on panto parts.

i believe saronni won the worlds on a colnago with a complete 50th anniversary gruppo. but i guess that doesn't count because the 50th is stamped, not panto'd.

ray dobbins, always a sucker for panto parts miami florida

and i have re drilliuand as far as other racers, heavy and/or strong, i do in the course of a would even when

kim klakow <> wrote: I have some very nice drillium panto Chainrings, for example, that are attached to a wall queen and get fresh air two or three times a year. I were stupid, or hurt, to heft my 220 lbs. into a cr like that. The same goes for brake and shifting levers, seatposts, stems or whatever.

I am curious if the pros rode panto?


-- Kim Klakow

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