[CR]FS: parts, frames/forks, bikes

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:55:11 -0800
From: rhawks@lmi.net
To: classics rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]FS: parts, frames/forks, bikes

I have the beginnings of a list items for sale. There will be more added to the list over time. I hope to post (only the new items) to the list as I put that together. Below are excerpts from the list that include what I understand would be items that are time frame appropriate for the list. The full list, with some photos, and frame measurements, is at:


Photos for *some* of the items are linked at the above web site, and photos will appear for all items over time.


Mafac Racers/ NOS TA Rack: Front and rear brakes, w/Koolstop Eagle pads, pads used once. $45 plus shipping.

Campy Track Hubs: 36 hole front and rear Record track hubs. The nuts on the rear hub are replacement nuts and not original Campy nuts. $125 plus shipping.

SR Custom, 2 bolt post: Copy of a Campy NR two bolt seat post. This is shop worn, and may have been a take-off from a bike, but otherwise shows no scratches on the post. $20 plus shipping.

56cm 1979 Trek 930 frame, fork and headset. Frame specs from Trek can be found here: http://www.vintage-trek.com/images/trek/79_80_81/79Trek3_150.jpg. I can measure any dimension you'd be interested in, as I've found other Treks to differ slightly from published specs. This frame has been repainted by Ed Litton with Imron. Ed also recreated the decals. Trek offered a list of braze-ons from which the customer could choose. This frame had top tube cable guides, top of the BB shell cable guides, and the right side shifter boss only, plus rear eyelets only. I had Ed add a pump peg behind the head tube, and water bottle mounts on the downtube and seat tube, plus the left side shifter boss, and spread the rear stays to 126mm. The frame is made with Columbus SL butted tubing. The head set is a used Campy NR. The head tube badge has not been repainted. I've built this up with components, but have not ridden it on the street. $400 plus shipping.

57.5 cm 1974 Raleigh International, copper color This bike is in wonderful condition. It did not come with wheels when I bought it, but all other parts are original. The Campy chain rings show very little use, there are no scratches on the crank arms, the weinmann brakes are clean, the pads show very little use, and the hoods are clean and completely intact. The brooks pro saddle is in great shape. I've added period correct wheels, Campy High Flange, 36 hole hubs built with Mavic Open Pro rims. I swapped out the cable housing for new housing but have kept the original housing. I removed the white plastic handlebar tape and used orange cloth tape which was twined and shellaced. $550 plus shipping. Frame specs on the web page, photos to come.

rob hawks
richmond, ca