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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 17:05:58 -0800
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I can state that Campy clips did come stock with extra long screws. I have a set here, as well as normal, and 'cut short' models. Mine came NOS from, surprise surprise, an ebay seller in France. I was not aware at the time I bought them they were anything special, and neither (apparently) was the seller. Glad I did not cut them down ;)

I can also say that 'normal' Campy TT clamps will fit the French top tubes, as will some 'cut down' versions. It just takes a carefull squeeze with thumb and fore finger (cable installed first), and a little patience, as the threads did not catch for several tries. No danger of scratching the TT if carefull, for me at least.

Previously, I was able to locate a modern screw that appears pretty close to the Campy TT clamp screws (same head, same finish). It was the 'wrong' thread, and a little loose (like English headset parts on Italian steerers), but I judged it tight enough to hold fine in that application. I don't recall the threading offhand, but I have a box of them here (somewhere) if anybody wants some. E-mail off list.

On another note, my all-original 71 Gitane Professional Super Corsa had Huret window TT clamps, and Mafac Competitions. Guess it's that 'whatever was in the box at the time' thing. (BTW - Can anyone tell me what seat binder their early 70's PSC had? Why I did not get a Huret or Simplex seat binder, I don't know. All else was Campy)

--Bill Roberts Jacksonville, OR

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I presume everyone has noticed that those clips which raised much comment last week have now got a bid, and that you have all removed yours into a safe!

Ebay Item number: 7209890006

Peter Brown. Lincolnshire, England