Re: [CR]Question: BB fixed cup

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Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 10:40:10 -0500 (EST)
From: "BJay Booth" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Question: BB fixed cup

I have a GIOS Torino of the same vintage with a 70mm bottom bracket and both cups are right hand threads, ie. you screw them in clockwise and out anti-clockwise. If you have an Italian frame with a 70mm BB I am absolutely positive it will be like this.

Brian (there are no hills in Ontario so what's with the 10 speed cassettes) Booth Toronto, Canada.

Yes, if it's really 70mm, it would be extremely rare to be anything other than Italian, not sure I've ever seen English, French or even Swiss thread on a 70mm BB. The surest way to tell was already suggested - remove the adjustable cup and try an English adjustable cup. It will slide easily into an italian BB without engaging the threads. Now, telling French from Swiss thread on a 68mm BB shell on 60's/70's French or Swiss bikes presents a much greater challenge - been there, done that.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

Steve Maas <> wrote: Almost certainly standard Italian--i.e., right-hand--threading. If you want to be absolutely sure, look into the BB from the opposite side, and you should be able to see a few threads. This will tell you how it is threaded. Simple enough!

Steve Maas Long Beach, CA, US of A

Bianca Pratorius wrote:
> Item: 70mm shell Bianchi bb.... Frame made in Italy mid 80's Columbus
> tubing
> I need to remove the fixed cup. This must be a common problem. I don't
> want to muck up the threads, but I have no way of knowing which way to
> turn the fixed cup. You can't see in there to determine which way the
> threads are running. If I make a mistake I will have damaged the frame.
> Which way should I remove the fixed cup....Normal counterclockwise or
> clockwise?
> Garth Libre in Miami Fl.