[CR]madison Swap meet

Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 07:59:29 -0600
From: Tom Hayes <hayesbikes@gmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]madison Swap meet

The Madison Swap meet, I thought, was extremely well organized. Along one wall, probably not by chance, were Greg Parker, John Barron, and Scott Davi s selling a terrific variety of vintage stuff. I saw Peter Naiman's display of bikes, his display for another swap and show in Waterford.

There were interesting items for sale, I thought. A lot of NOS Nouvo Recor d stuff, but at Ebay prices--please note, I'm not complaining. The bike that John Thompson's photos single out as Ligier I thought was a Siebert. Whichever it was, I kept coming back to it, and could not determine for sure, or sure enough to buy it, whether it had a slightly crinkled downtube. Just before I left, I searched for John Barron's advice on the bike, but I could not find him to lend his expert opinion on it. I left without buying it, and in my mind, especially after getting stuck in Chicag o traffic, I thought that bike on the back of my car might offer solace to th e frustrations of standing still for an hour.

I haven't attended this swap for about four or five years, since it was hel d in a armory. I would like to believe that the crowds, the need for a large r venue which they currently have, and the excellent organization attest to a growing interest in bikes, but one never knows, huh? And it is encouraging to see, in a town like Madison, even in the winter--though not so cold ther e on Friday and Saturday--lots of folks pedalling around.

In any case, like all swaps I have attended, I consider them a blast; nothing like a huge room filled with bike goofs, walking around muttering Nouvo Record, fondling parts, and wishing for the never depleted pockets of money.



Tom Hayes
Chagrin Falls, Ohio