[CR]Deathbike project was The Recurring AVA Deathstem Topic

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From: "Charles T. Young" <youngc@ptd.net>
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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 09:31:56 -0500
Subject: [CR]Deathbike project was The Recurring AVA Deathstem Topic

Think how much fun it would be to build up a "deathbike" from various deathbits. Where to start and how many options do we have?

Frameset - could use a Teledyne although a Speedwell would give even more wobble in my experience if not outright cracking Viscount fork AVA stem AVA bar, honorable mention to ttt Superleggero Benotto tape for maximum slipperiness in wet conditions Headset - ? striking out on this one, perhaps a Nylfor?. Stem shifters for impalement opportunities - which brand would provide the best puncturing abilities?. Crankset - Perhaps an NR/SR w/ nonradiused spider, that has been laid down plenty, had the pedal eyes planted into a few curbs and has been run with the FD rubbing the arm for a coupla thousand miles.. Any better choices here for ones that have a higher JRA failure rate w/o abuse? FD - Campagnolo flat cage meatslicer - thank god the CPSC fixed that one! RD - dunno, may have to do some drilling on something here. Freewheel - ? must be some out there where the pawls fail to engage or slip after engaging... could use an alloy one w/ badly worn teeth Chain - ? Seatpost - Did those old American Classics have problems? Saddle - early Lepper Voyageur with 531 rails? Perhaps a chrome railed Brooks? Hubs - Campagnolo track front, probably should be radially laced. Rear hub? Rims - Fiamme Ergals w/ straight gauge spokes and massive spoke tension. Other options? glue - old Tubasti or, perhaps, skip it altogether i.e. "Waddaya mean? I thought you glued it" Tires - ? Something old and in silk to promote more drastic blowout? Brakes / pads / levers - ? I'm sure a number of you will have ideas for these, can mix and match... Cabling - CLB alloy housing but replace cables w/ less robust gauge for improved sponginess

Charlie Young Honey Brook, PA
> BTW, while I've had AVA bars crack, I've never had any failures with the type of stem we are discussinng. While any alloy stem, or any alloy component for that matter, can fail, I think the talk of "death stems" is wildly exagerrated. I'm about as worried about being injured by one of these stems as I am about being struck by lightning. Either could happen, neither is likely.
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> Jerry Moos
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