Re: [CR]24 hole Campy hubs and anyone have 24h rims?

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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 14:51:25 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: Re: [CR]24 hole Campy hubs and anyone have 24h rims?

Peter and all,

Yes we called it Campag and not Campy in England. Even though I have lived in Canada for 30 years I still cannot say Campy, it just doesn't sound right to me!

Oh yes, and we called them Large Flange hubs, not High Flange hubs, the others being Small Flange and not Low Flange.


Brian (there are no hills in Ontario) Booth Toronto, Canada

Bill and all, I saw lots of 24 hole wheels in use in England on the time trial scene in the early 70s. Many built by Bird Brothers shop. Each wheel had 8 crossed spokes per side, with one radial spoke in the middle, tied and soldered of course, and on Campag (thats how they say it over there) high flange hubs. I believe they called them "Bird Cage" wheelse, but I think I've heard them called by another name, Spanish Wheels maybe? All the fast guys swore by them. They also removed the grease from the hubs, set the cones just on the loose side and added a drop of oil before the events, they were psychologicaly faster you know! While in England in 1973, I rode for CC Bexley, my best 25 mile time was 58:45 on a hilly course on a pair of heavy 36 hole wheels w/ Del Mondos! My times were improving each week and I made some money on the handicappers! The racers over there were all helpful, and encouraging. Back then the 25s
were an actual 25.
Peter Weigle
Lyme Ct.

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Subject: [CR]24 hole Campy hubs and anyone have 24h rims?

> When were 24h wheels in use (I don't think they were ever prevalent), and
> what were they used for in non-track (i.e.road) applications? The one's
> I've seen are pre-1978. Was rim alloy / extrusion technology good enough
> by
> the late 70's to be reliable for these? Or were they just a super light
> wheel for special applications?
> Anybody have any early 70's NOS 24h Italian rims?
> --Bill Roberts
> Jacksonville, OR