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Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 01:32:52 -0800 (PST)
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On hearsay, avoid Cosmoline. It was used for shipping metal objects aboard ship on several weeks or months voyages that were then also to be warehoused on piers in ocean air. It is a massive job to remove cosmoline from such objects. Further, the solvents sometimes used by frustrated individuals trying to remove it can damage the metal surfaces as much as rust would have. Source: my late father who prior to one early WWII Pacific island invasion was given an Ithaca Model 37 full choke .12 gauge pump shotgun packed in cosmoline to clean and carry ashore. After what he described as a nightmarish cleaning process, but before the invasion, the perhaps oxymoronic "Rules of Land Warfare" then in force prohibiting use of shotguns in combat were invoked and the cleaning process was done for naught. He went ashore instead with the ubiquitous M-1 Carbine. I do not recall if it had been shipped in cosmoline, but likely it had been.

Don Wilson
Los Olivos, CA

--- "Dale B. Phelps" wrote:

> Cosmoline is an oil and parrafin (wax) blend, just
> like (some of) you used to use to treat cycle
> chains...melt a bar or two of parrafin in a coffee
> can and mix in an equal amount of 30 weight motor
> oil. ugh. But it WILL prevent oxidation on both
> ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces. Depending
> how you mix it, it may stink, and depending on how
> you mix it it may not set up hard or be easy to
> apply a thin, uniform, cosmetically inoffensive
> layer. Why not store things in an low humidity
> setting?
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