Re: [CR] Suntour Superbe Question

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 15:52:54 +0100
From: Freek Faro <>
To: "Bingham, Wayne" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Suntour Superbe Question
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In my recollection (and the 81 Ron Kitching and Freewheel catalogues I flipped through) there were no 'Superbe' freewheels, just Winner, New Winne r (regular 5 and 6 speed, and Ultra 6 and 7 speed), and the cheaper models called Perfect and Pro-Compe.

Freek Faro Rotterdam Netherlands

2006/1/18, Bingham, Wayne <>:
> Mick -
> The Superbe group was introduced in 77, so the head set you describe is
> likely from the late 70's to early 80's, and the alloy lock nut is
> correct. You can see one pictured as original equipment on an 80/81
> Raleigh Superbe here:
> Don't know the ball size, but I think I may have another that's not
> installed, so I can look and see. You can see pix of other Superbe
> components from the same bike elsewhere in the album.
> The derailleurs you describe are Superbe Pro, available from about 80 or
> 81 onward. S-Pro was introduced initially into the Superbe line in bits
> before becoming a full fledged Superbe Pro group. There are several
> rear mech versions that I am aware of, but don't know how they stack up
> chronologically. They started as 6 speed friction and, in the end -
> around 85, offered indexed 7 speed. This is good inspiration to dig
> through my Suntour bits and post some photos for comparison.
> Not sure about the freewheel.
> Wayne Bingham
> Out of the closet Suntour fan.
> Lovettsville VA
> >>>Good evening everyone I am looking for Suntour Superbe information
> please. I have a steel headset marked Suntour Superbe Road on the
> adjuster and bottom head race, the lock nut is alloy and is marked
> Suntour Superbe is this the correct lock nut, or should it have a steel
> one and what size balls or races do these need?
> I have three near identical rear mechs, two are marked with "S"
> Suntour Suberbe Pro the main body of the derailleur is in satin silver
> the rest polished alloy, the third is identical in pattern but this body
> is in polished alloy marked with just an engraved "S".
> What year are these and how many speed. One of the jockey wheels on all
> of the three mechs is streamlined enclosed. Two of the gears have
> identical cable locking conical nuts one just a flat nut. Has anyone a
> spare conical nut please.
> 7 speed freewheel block marked Suntour Japan Maeda Industiies AL is this
> a Superbe block.
> Any information greatly appreciated Thanks Mick.<<<