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Do you know when Hopper and Elswick amalgamated to become Elswick Hopper ? Mark Stevens Evanton Scotland

That's a good question... I am not sure they ever "amalgamated" in t erms of the bicycle brands. You either bought an Elswick or a Hooper but both ca me from the same Barton-on-Humber factory. At least through the early 'sixties. They used to run parallel adverts in British cycling magazines . As a combined operation, they date back to the turn of the century. But I am not sure if there was a CR era "Elswick-Hooper" bicycle as such.

But you gotta love a company that gave you a choice of a Hooper "Vampire" or an Elswick "Lincoln Imp"!

Anyway, as so often, Sheldon Brown's website tells all:

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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