[CR]RE: Campagnolo posters - QR Poster Available NOW!

From: hersefan@comcast.net
To: Raymond Dobbins <raydobbins2003@yahoo.com>, "Bingham, Wayne" <WBINGHAM@imf.org>, CR <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 18:23:05 +0000
Subject: [CR]RE: Campagnolo posters - QR Poster Available NOW!

I did a double take seeing the Campy QR poster on ebay - hey, that was a reprinted poster I had done years ago when I owned Bicycle Classics inc.

Anyway, I don't have framed ones, but I have a few unframed that I can sell. The poster was a blow-up of a page from the Tabbuci Specialties 1938 Catalog. It is the earliest known ad for Campy stuff that I am aware of.

The posters (really a print on heavy paper) have been moved around a bit, so there may be minor imperfections, but anything I send out will be quite nice and what people would consider suitable for framing.

Shipping for as many as you want in a priority box (the roll up nice into a priority box) is $4.05.

The posters themselves I'll sell for $ 9 each.

If interested, email me your name and address and I'll get it(them) out. My address for payment is:

Mike Kone PMB506 1630A 30th Street Boulder, CO 80301


Mike Kone

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From: Raymond Dobbins

> wayne,


\r?\n> i think i bought the same poster you, on ebay. iirc, the seller is list

\r?\n> member hugh enox. after the purchase i corresponded with him and found out that

\r?\n> he was involved with the design and/or printing of the original poster back in

\r?\n> the day. his reprint poster is very nice - i believe it was made from the

\r?\n> original plates, so it is identical to the original. the main differences are

\r?\n> the quality of the paper (the original was matte and not as heavy), and the ink

\r?\n> (the original used a lighter blue). in fact, based on the dark blue ink of the

\r?\n> poster being sold by the cinelli twins guy, i'd say that it is one of hugh's

\r?\n> reprints, not an original.


\r?\n> hopefully hugh can shed some light on this and tell us more about his posters.

\r?\n> and btw, hugh's packing is so good, it is almost worth buying the poster just to

\r?\n> see how he packs it. no kidding (and no kickback either).


\r?\n> ray dobbins

\r?\n> miami florida


\r?\n> "Bingham, Wayne" wrote:

\r?\n> I always loved that particular Record group parts poster too. I have an

\r?\n> original one, now a bit tattered around the edges from being push-pinned

\r?\n> on many shop walls. That very poster was recently reprinted in some

\r?\n> numbers and offered in a BIN auction on eBay. (Can't remember who, but a

\r?\n> detailed search might turn up something). I bought one to replace the

\r?\n> original one, which is still stashed in a storage tube. The new one is

\r?\n> printed in blue ink on heavy poster stock. It's a standard poster size,

\r?\n> so frames are easy to find. I bought a black poster frame, then painted

\r?\n> it red to match some trim in my new shop. I also dry-mounted the poster

\r?\n> on foam-core before framing it in the new red frame. A nice

\r?\n> presentation that makes a really nice addition to the shop.


\r?\n> Now, if someone would reprint the QR poster......


\r?\n> Wayne Bingham

\r?\n> Lovettsville VA


\r?\n> >>>same seller does have two items I've been looking for. A framed

\r?\n> Campy breakdown poster from catalog 18(?)....(item number7212505598)and

\r?\n> a framed advertising poster for the first QRs.... (item

\r?\n> number7212472774)

\r?\n> Brandon"monkeyman"Ives<<<