[CR]Sun Manxman frame vintage?

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From: "Peter Brueggeman" <pbrueggeman@ucsd.edu>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 20:37:48 -0800
Subject: [CR]Sun Manxman frame vintage?

Hello, could anyone estimate a date for a Sun Manxman frame? Serial number on rear dropout is VSV11225X and steerer tube is stamped M27.

It has a Sun Birmingham headbadge so it's pre-1963 according to CR's Sun web page (checked the CR archives too). It has the short bracing struts between the seat tube and chainstays. The downtube has "Sun Manxman" transfers in script on either side. This script is turquoise in its center and is outlined in white or off-white with a gold color hidden under these script letters wherever they are flaking off a bit. Above and below these scripts and centered on the top of the downtube are transfers which are short lines with a sort of diamond design on each end, in the same color scheme. At the top of the seat tube is a small Reynolds 531 frame tubes transfer.

Any advice on dating this frame would be appreciated.

Thank you, Peter
Peter Brueggeman
San Diego Calif