Re: [CR]tubulars today and Continental Rant

Subject: Re: [CR]tubulars today and Continental Rant
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 17:07:15 +0000

I used to sell Dugast - I never had great reliability from them, but others would know better.

I also used to sell Veloflex. With the expception of a few "roundness issues" they clearly were the best of the modern tires. Just like the old Vittorias of years gone by (oh, right, old Vittoria employees make them).

Continental? I'd rather ride a lousy heavy clincher than a Continental (unless it was a Continental Clincher, in which case I'd rather drive - but not on Continental car tires) tubular. I hate Continental tires and neary everything they stand for. Harsh stiff casings that suck the joy out of cycling. Crazy high pressures that make riders go slower (due to washboard effects). I once rode a wonderful Cinelli frame that was transformed into a bike with the life of a Raleigh Drainpipe 3sp due to the installation of junk from Continental.

Now remember - this is just my opinion, and your preferences and tastes may vary - so don't jump on me for this rant. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is mine. And it is possible that Continental has newer tires out that are better.

Mike "strong opinions" Kone in Boulder CO

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From: Emanuel Lowi

> Those of you who really ride your vintage steeds, when

\r?\n> you are unable/unwilling to shoe them with

\r?\n> period-correct Clement, Vittoria, etc., which do you

\r?\n> prefer of today's tubulars?


\r?\n> Dugast? Veloflex? Continental?


\r?\n> I need to get some rubber on a few sets of classic

\r?\n> wheels, and I feel like Rip Van Winkle when it comes

\r?\n> to today's brands.


\r?\n> Emanuel Lowi

\r?\n> Montreal, Quebec