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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 13:40:50 -0500
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I use Tufo's too. Nice tires. They also have a clincher/tubular that works great. Plus you can pump them WAY UP (like 165 psi) and lower the rolling resistance.

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> After much frustration, I've finally found my two favourites:


\r?\n> Cheap, reliable, everyday:


\r?\n> Tufo S-22 (black with traditional tan sidewalls, nice thick tread,

\r?\n> the tap

\r?\n> e

\r?\n> system is a treat to use.. just all around unbeatable for the price).



\r?\n> Better than sex ride quality:


\r?\n> Clement Criterium (alas the yucky all-black seems the only one

\r?\n> discounted,

\r?\n> but the black with tan sidewalls are a classic and just superb

\r?\n> riding and

\r?\n> wearing)


\r?\n> I hated tubulars until I found these two and now I'd ride on

\r?\n> clinchers onl

\r?\n> y

\r?\n> at gunpoint. And only until I heard the safety going off.


\r?\n> By the way, I have had very good dealings with this excellent

\r?\n> supplier of

\r?\n> tubular tyres:




\r?\n> Their prices are hard to beat.


\r?\n> Peter Kohler

\r?\n> Washington DC USA


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