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Subject: Re: Campagnolo posters Re: [CR] Cinelli twins
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 10:43:03 -0800

Subject: RE: Campagnolo posters

Ray wrote:
> i think i bought the same poster you, on ebay. iirc, the seller is list member hugh enox. after the purchase i corresponded with him and found out that he was involved with the design and/or printing of the original poster back in the day. his reprint poster is very nice - i believe it was made from the original plates, so it is identical to the original. the main differences are the quality of the paper (the original was matte and not as heavy), and the ink (the original used a lighter blue). in fact, based on the dark blue ink of the poster being sold by the cinelli twins guy, i'd say that it is one of hugh's reprints, not an original.
> hopefully hugh can shed some light on this and tell us more about his posters. and btw, hugh's packing is so good, it is almost worth buying the poster just to see how he packs it. no kidding (and no kickback either).

In the early 1970's I was managing a shop that sold a LOT of Campy components and I always kept a copy of the then current Campy catalog at the parts counter (clearly marked "Shop Copy" and "Do Not Take").

After having a sucession of catalogs simply vanish, I got the idea that maybe customers really wanted the catalogs for the graphics. After all, I had subscribed to Le Cycle for many years primarily for the wonderful Rebour line art.

I decided to do a poster and did a layout of the catalog pages and also made many corrections to the part numbers.

The first printing sold out pretty fast and I did a second and eventually a third printing all using the same art/film/plates. On the last two printings I added a bit of purple to the color since the first printing seemed a little light to me. (I actually liked the color but wanted more saturation so the color would be less prone to fade.)

Anyway, that's the basic story and no mystery. I do continue to sell posters from the last printing steadily on ebay for about $19 including the shipping.


Hugh Enox
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