Re: [CR] upgrading Campy NR brake performance

Subject: Re: [CR] upgrading Campy NR brake performance
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 21:13:37 +0000

I sell three pad sets for NR/SR: Kool Stop (black, current production): $18/set of four. Mathauser 'C' (red, NOS, were made by Kool Stop, BTW): $24/set of four. Campagnolo (black, NOS): $49/set of four. All of these fit the Campagnolo holders properly. Greg Parker Dexter, Michigan

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Scott Matthauser brake pads get my vote. The pads fit the Campagnolo holders. There were other good pads, such as Kool-Stop, but IIRC they didn't fit the Campagnolo holder. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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Having switched recently to Campy NR brakes from a competitor's set, I must confess to being seriously underwhelmed by their braking performance.

I figure it must be the rubber used in the pads.

What was the best alternative to the original pads, back in the good old days?

Mathauser? Kool-Stop?

Emanuel Lowi
Montreal, Quebec