RE: [CR]Mid 70s Component Choices in the UK

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Subject: RE: [CR]Mid 70s Component Choices in the UK
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 09:01:52 -0500
Thread-Topic: [CR]Mid 70s Component Choices in the UK
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Peter -

While I'm not a British member, maybe you will still indulge my opinion. What you are describing is pretty much the '73 Raleigh RRA.

Well, maybe not the frame, as they were interesting, but a bit crude like many Raleighs of the day. Certainly not in the class of a Harry Quinn, a Stan Pike (had to plug Stan) or a number of other frames of the era, but the components seem to fit the bill. And the Raleigh had Campy vertical drop-outs.

On my Pike (albeit an '83), I've strayed from the all-Campy approach for a more esoteric assemblage.

Wayne Bingham Lovettsville VA

>>>OK, a general question for our British members...

Suppose it's mid 1970s and you have a top o' the heap British frameset lik e a Harry Quinn. You want to spec the components. Pure racing stuff, no touring or puttering about. So fast and light. What was the prevailing stuff in the clubs back then? In the USA it was of course the usual Campy/Cinelli mix. But what if you want something different? I was thinking it would be nice to have a Huret Jubilee/TA chainset/Maillard 700 hubs/Weinmann or Mavac brakes set up. Of course it's "MY" choice. But did the lads do this back then in the UK i.e. French components or Zeus or did they, like us overhere, go the Campy route if money was no object. I wan t to be different but I don't want to be laughed out of the club. Suppose the frame had Campagnolo drop-outs, would that influence the choices?

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA<<<