Re: [CR] Tubulars

From: "Martin Appel" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Tubulars
To: "Spielman, Steve - Centreville, MD" <>, <>, <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 17:19:21 +0100
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"Spielman, Steve - Centreville, MD" <> schrieb:
>The KING of tubulars still being produced today are Veloflex. I like
>wax nostalgic about Clement and Dourdoigne of old, but the Veloflex
>tubulars are every bit as good (and in some ways, superior) as the old

Well, there are Dugasts out there, very fine tires, handmade, silk option available. But nevertheless i second that opinion about Veloflexes. They are as good as Dugasts IMO, and its not a major step towards bancrupcy if you happen to blow two of them on one day what happened to me with the Dugasts). I still would buy Dugasts as a top note to a very special bicycle, but for riding, its Veloflex.

Martin Appel
Munich, BY, Germany