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I see your point Scott, and that's an idea.... but the reality is that those chainstays are not any shorter than the current practice and those are conventional bits (BB shell & dropouts) so there is no issue with crank arm to chain stay clearance/contact. Heck the builders on this list and other revered KOF builders don't use curved chain stays.. Just ain't necessary.. No, the reason behind those curves is marketing. I think they called them "power stays" which purportedly added stiffness and responsiveness, etc etc yada yada.. Ha!

Cheers Dale

Dale Brown Greensboro, NC USA

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The left chainstay bend was probably done simply to assure adequate crankarm clearance. If you look at how far out the bottom bracket those stays are, and the outboard-bias detail of the rear dropout joint, that chainstay would've been mighty close to many crankarms.

Scott Minneman San Francisco, CA

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Too big for me but I was wondering about the chainstay treatment on this. By design???<blah emZ 7><blah> mZ7


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May be out of timeline but KOF so I sneaked it in.

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