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From: "Morgan Fletcher" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Wooljersey pics
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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 11:04:52 -0800
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"Edward Albert" <> writes:
> Again FWIW, thanks to Ray Dobbins I have, I think, finally got the hang
> of this photo thing so.....I have redone and reposted a lot of Willier La
> Triestina photos and added an album for a 1954 +/- Bianchi Champione Del
> Mondo. Lots more bikes to I have at least two addictions
> feeding off each other. They are all under Edward Albert's Pictures
> around page 10 of --which, of course, you all
> know.

Edward's pics are here:

Edward, you might to rename album124 to something like "edward_albert" or "albert_pics".

I have been jammed at work, haven't had a chance to attend to some Gallery issues. 1) I don't know why the gallery reordered itself, recently. 2) I don't know why the search function is broken! (It returns _everything_.) 3) I miss the green background too. I'll try to restore it.

Toni, I will get back to you re the gallery. Anyone who wants a gallery account, please email. Also, please note the new country flags on the top of each page:

The visitor can choose his or her language, and the site will instantly switch to that language for all built-in text. I am hoping this will attract bike people from other countries where English is not the primary language. Please tell your friends. Wouldn't it be great if we got more pics from Europe? Or from Japan?

Classic Content: I recently picked up a 1978 Schwinn Volare with 1st or 2nd generation Dura Ace. It's a real peach. Looks like basically a Japanese Paramount, really nice. I have the original receipt, paint is perfect, looks like it was never ridden. It's too small for me. (54cm I think) I bought it for the parts, thinking to use them on my 1975 Pogliaghi frameset, but my local mechanic Tim Parker again disabused me of this sacrilegious notion. Campy it will be. I'll try to get pics of it up, soon. Will probably sell it. Wish it were my size. Anyone have a 60cm Flandria frameset they're not using? What else would "go" with 1978 Dura-Ace? I'm not really fond of the mass-produced Japanese bikes from the 1970s. I like the Koga Miyatas tho.

Morgan -- Morgan Fletcher, Oakland, CA, USA