Re: [CR]Shimano Forged Dropout Intro Timeline?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Shimano Forged Dropout Intro Timeline?
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 15:57:34 -0800

Hi, I'm new to CR and have limited knowledge about the really old stuff that many of you talk about, but it's a joy to listen.

I have a recollection of Shimano frame components from about 1981-82. I had Bruce Gordon build a frame for me while he was in Eugene, Oregon in 1978. I had another 531 frame that a friend made for me earlier that developed a crack in the downtube where the shift lever bosses were brazed on. (If Bruce reads this, it was the frame Steve Caffey made for me.) On this frame, the front derailleur cable was routed under the BB shell, no guide for that side was brazed or clamped on to save weight (the crazy things we did). Bruce repaired it for me and while he did, he brazed on a FD guide that was extra stock he had laying around, probably because he couldn't stand looking at my frame the way it was. The guide looked identical to a Campagnolo FD guide except it was stamped Shimano. I remember Bruce saying that Shimano had him build a frame with their new frame parts probably to showcase them. I don't recall how the dropouts compared with European brands. Does this date jive with others who know?

Ben Ngan
Portland, Oregon

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Subject: [CR]Shimano Forged Dropout Intro Timeline?

> I'm trying to date a frame w/ Shimano forged drops. Anyone know when
> Shimano introduced forged long dropouts w/ derl. hanger? They look
> similar to Campy only beefier. Were they seen before Dura Ace in the 70s?
> Scott Davis St. Paul, MN USA
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