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Subject: RE: [CR]Side Pull Selection
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 07:27:43 -0500
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Rob Dayton said:

>Early 70's. 1973/74 maybe.
>When I first met Dale Brown and was a shop rat.
>Maybe I missed the point on what Peter's trying to do.
>I'm really hope I'm not as anal as I appear.
>It came from a shop near Carrboro, NC. May have been Performance.
>Anyway I had a Lilac colored Raleigh Competition at the time.
>But it was love at first sight with the Legnano.
>Man I miss the Legnano but eventually needed money to get thru school.
>It was metallic gold with red pin stripe.
>Back then there weren't many options on brakes.
>I was so much older then.........

Rob, That bike shop would have been "The Clean Machine" where I went to oogle the full campy Cinelli's, Legnano's, etc. Also the shop where McLean Fonvielle worked as a mechanic. The whole showroom was only about 300 sf but there were always some top of the line bikes on display (and sold)- Chapel Hill being an affluent university town. Gitanes were the volume sellers at the shop. I certainly saw many campy brake equipped bikes there in '72.

Roman Stankus
Atlanta, Ga.