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I first saw them just about 1973. Heinz Linke had a pair or two in his shop in Lakewood, OH. He sold mostly Peugeot and Mondia, but even a Cinelli SC he had for sale had Universal, not Campy. There was a club centered around the shop, mostly Europen immigrants or their children. One or two guys had sprung for Campy SP's on their PX-10s. But they were, I think, $50 when MAFAC was less than $20 (maybe more like $10) and a complete new PX-10 cost $200. I went with the then-new Dura-Ace SP's on a LeJeune I bought from Heinz about 1974. Don't remember the price, but definitely cheaper than Campy. Either one needed a rear drop bolt on a French frame.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX wrote: Who had them? My perception was that the Campagnolo brakes were damn hard to get in the US until about 1973. A poll, who in the US, on this list, actually had a set of these brakes prior to 1973? What US bike offered them as standard prior to 1973?

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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\r?\n> So it's 1971 and you have a really nice racing bike you want to

\r?\n> spec for

\r?\n> fast time trial stuff. You don't want Campagnolo Record brakes because

\r?\n> everyone has them and you think one of the two would be better and

\r?\n> lighter:

\r?\n> Universal 68s


\r?\n> or


\r?\n> Weinmann 500s


\r?\n> Which would you pick? Neither might be an answer if a good period

\r?\n> correctalternate were suggested.


\r?\n> Peter Kohler

\r?\n> Washington DC USA


\r?\n> I'd pick the Campagnolo Record ones (if I could somehow scrape

\r?\n> together enough cash to buy them), because almost no one that I

\r?\n> ride with has them, and they're better.


\r?\n> Greg Parker

\r?\n> Ann Arbor, Michigan