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Hello Ray, What cycle jumble was that and any other good stuff there? I went to school in Hammersmith & Fulham and I can't recall the shop. Wonder why a frame built by the master would bear the name Beriano and not Masi. West London had a huge Italian population Fulham had a wonderful goal keeper called Tony Macedo plus Chelsea the equally brilliant Peter Bonnetti (that's for Chelsea and not England in Mexico!)so its the right part of London for an Italian connection. Mancini's ice cream flags were the must have tub rolls back then and Terry Mancini played for the best club in London Queens Park Rangers. Sorry can't help on this one but there were pleny of Leganos, Fiorelli's and Cinelli's about in this part of the world in the late 50's and early 60's. Be lucky Mick.

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> I've been reading my pile of Sporting Cyclist mags

\r?\n> since 1960 and I thought I'd read every last word

\r?\n> but this from 1957 passed me by. An advert for

\r?\n> frames by Beriano at 40 Fulham High Street built

\r?\n> by "Faliero Masi" described as the mechanic to

\r?\n> Fiorenzo Magni. As anybody seen a Beriano?

\r?\n> Ray Green, Brighton, England


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