[CR]RE: Falk Decals/and butterfly stamping

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 09:05:09 -0800 (PST)
From: scott davis <francopedia@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]RE: Falk Decals/and butterfly stamping

I recently sold a 1951 Guerra frame. It had the Falk butterfly logo engraved or stamped into a chrome fork blade. Scott Davis ST. Paul, MN USA http://www.sdbicyclegarage.com

I own a 1961 german made "Rabeneick Campagnolo" that is made from Falk Libellula type tubing. This was, as i understand it, the top level tubeset of Falk. It has no decals, but each tube is engraved with the Libellula sign that are more or less visible, possbly depending on the skill of the guy who prepared the frame for chroming. Pictures aof a very similar frame can be found at the wooljersey gallery at http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/album159

there is also a picture of a Libellula decal shown here. Is that the decal one can find at the Frejus?

pic of mine are at http://www.tourgalerie.de/cpg132/index.php

Martin Appel Munich, BY, Germany


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