Re: [CR]tout Mavic SSC model numbers and timeline?

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 11:45:22 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]tout Mavic SSC model numbers and timeline?
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Dan Siniff wrote:
> This question is for the group. I have done a some looking on the net and found a little information on the Mavic timeline. What I was interested in was which year did Mavic introduce the original SSC group (144 BCD crankset) and the model numbers of those parts? I think that a tout Mavic was available in 1978 and was the all silver anodized " Professional" line. What I am curious about is when did the green /bronze/ gray anodizing color,the color which I can notith name, I believe to be the indicator of SSC components was introduced? I would also like to know what made the SSC hubset different then the 500 "Professional" model, and available brakesets and model numbers,ie (Mavic)Modolo speedy,(Mavic) Modolo Professional. and the Mavic SSC/ Modolo Master. Kinda technical but I hope some one out there can help.
> Items that I think I know; SSC headset #312, SSC rear derailleur# 851, SSC brakeset 430?, SSC pedal #640
> Daniel Siniff
> Bay City, MI

Dan, for guys like you and me with lots of technical questions on MAVIC (I'm a big fan) I put together a reprint of nine catalogs:

MAVIC...A Brief History of MAVIC Bicycle Components (Une Brève Histoire des Pièces de Vélo MAVIC) -- 422 pages, covers Mavic components from 1977 through 1995, nine catalogs, ten brochures, and two workshop manuals showing how to service all Mavic components, plus a Mavic Timeline, an invaluable tool for dating your bike and its parts. Color cover. $ 50

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I'll pay the shipping!

Regards, Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California