[CR]Re: Harry Quinn Touring model +forks

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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 09:52:13 +1100
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From: Michael McGrath <accent@swiftdsl.com.au>
Subject: [CR]Re: Harry Quinn Touring model +forks

Thanks Mike,

I'm glad your forks found a good home. I remember you offered me a couple of forks (one Peugot?) but they weren't really what I was after. I was travelling a lot overseas at the time and may have missed a couple of e-mails. Very interesting to see your depth of knowledge on vintage bikes though. Do you have any clues regarding the serial number? By the way the number: 59c 30 64º 0222 E38 appears more like this, with the small 'c' after 59 superscript and the third two (2) smaller than the first two twos. Perhaps this relates more to frame size and rake angle than build date?

cheers Michael McGrath 75 Sunshine Street Manly Vale 2093 Sydney Australia
>I found you a set of front 531DB forks for this Quinn
>and I think I quoted you $12.00 Australian plus
>postage, when I never heard from you for several
>months I put them on ebay and got £25.00 for them.
>Thanks you did me a favour in getting a good price for
>Sorry have sold all my spare forks. Your best bet is
>ebay my builder is now charging £85.00 for a set
>Best wishes and good luck Mick.

-- Michael McGrath

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