[CR]1977 Raleigh Team Record

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From: "Steve Leitgen" <sleitgen@charter.net>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 18:48:06 -0600
Subject: [CR]1977 Raleigh Team Record


I've been on Sheldon's excellent Raleigh site. Looking at the 1977 catalog I've only come up with questions. Maybe somebody can help in figuring this out.

I bought the frame in spring 1978 in France. It was labeled as a Raleigh Team Record. Has 531 DB tubes and 531 forks. SN starts WP7. That would make it a Worksop late 1977 model. Lugs are from the 1977 Professional. Fork was half chrome and the rear stays painted. Painted team colors with a black headtube. Team transfers with "RECORD" on the downtube. Campy dropouts with eyelets.

So.... The Record came in team colors but with a yellow headtube and 1020 tubing. The Professional didn't have eyelets or chrome. The international (and other 531 frames) had chrome on the rear stays.

So what exactly do I have? The BB also has a separate "K" and "35M" stamped into it. If that's any help.

Any ideas? Custom done?

Steve Leitgen
LA Crosse, WI