[CR]Jamie Swan: the Man and the Legend

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Subject: [CR]Jamie Swan: the Man and the Legend
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 18:07:34 -0500
Thread-Topic: [CR]Jamie Swan: the Man and the Legend
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From: "Silver, Mordecai" <MSilver@iso.com>
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Interview with John Campo of Kissena Cycling Club:


Excerpt: "One day, a few years ago, we were driving into the city to meet my wife. We were running ahead of schedule so I jumped off the Expressway to take a look at the track. I told the kids a little about what went down there. When we got into town the girls told Mary that we stopped and saw the track. They asked if I wanted my ashes spread there. Mary said that they obviously didn't grasp the flavor of the place, and that it would be much more appropriate to just throw my body over the banking and let the rats eat me..."

More good stuff from Jamie:

http://www.centerportcycles.com/pages/history/history1.html http://www.centerportcycles.com/pages/scrapbook/scrapbook01.html

Mordecai Silver