Re: [CR]Adapter/bushing for nutted brake bolts

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Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 11:27:34 -0700
From: "Doug Van Cleve" <>
To: KO Kevin <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Adapter/bushing for nutted brake bolts
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Rivendell Bicycle Works sells or at least used to sell a nylon bushing that neatly adapted allen mount frames/forks to nut mount brakes. Just checked, they still have them: <>.

Doug Van Cleve Chandler, AZ

On 2/1/06, KO Kevin <> wrote:
> From: "Kerrigan Bennett" <>
> Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 06:39:17 -0800
> Subject: [CR]Adapter/bushing for nutted brake bolts
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> I've made bushings by carefully drilling through recessed brake nuts
> (removing all threads and drilling through the allen head. Put the nut
> in a vise and drill carefully, as the bit will want to grab the threads.
> If you have a drill press and vise, this will work much better than a
> hand held drill, but I've done it both ways. What you end up with is a
> nice bushing with a shoulder that will sit in the recess of the fork or
> rear brake bridge.
> Another alternative is to switch front and rear brake bolts, using the
> rear on the front with a recessed allen nut, and then cut and rethread
> the front brake bolt to work with a recessed allen nut on the rear brake
> bridge.
> Kevin Ko
> Eugene, OR
> List members,
> I recently bought a bike that came with a nutted brakeset and, after
> removing the brakeset for cleaning, found that the frame and fork were
> drilled for recessed brake nuts. I'm looking for the
> adapters/bushings/inserts for use of nutted brakes and I can't seem to
> remember where I've seen this part. (My searches of the archives have
> not yielded any results). Anybody know where these can be had?
> Kerrigan Bennett
> Pleasant Hill, CA