RE: [CR]Adapter/bushing for nutted brake bolts

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Subject: RE: [CR]Adapter/bushing for nutted brake bolts
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 13:18:45 -0800
Thread-Topic: [CR]Adapter/bushing for nutted brake bolts
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From: "KO Kevin" <>
To: "Jerome & Elizabeth Moos" <>, "Doug Van Cleve" <>

The only issue I have with this method is that it will invariably leave a mark in the paint around the brake hole, which will be a permanent reminder that someone used the "wrong" brake bolt in the frame. If someone were to later rebuild it with correct brakes, the marks would be evidence of past abuse (similar to the aftermarket indenting of a chainstay to accommodate a "wrong" crankarm/chainring).

Kevin Ko

Eugene OR


From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos [] Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 1:03 PM To: Doug Van Cleve; KO Kevin Cc: Subject: Re: [CR]Adapter/bushing for nutted brake bolts

I've been following this thread wondering if this is really a problem. The recess is relatively short, while most of the brake hole is drilled the same size whether recessed or nonrecessed nuts are used. So if you use nonrecessed brakes in a frame drilled for recessed, the brake center bolt still is not going to move laterally. I believe all you need is a washer under the nonrecessed brake nut of sufficient diameter to cover the recessed hole and sufficiently thick that being supported only near its outer edge will not cause it to deform when the nut is tightened. In my experience the standard washers on Campy SP and Shimano and Suntour clones fit the bill, and there should not be a problem with using the nonrecessed versions of these brakesets in a frame drilled for recessed. The only potential problem I see is that nonrecessed rear brakes often use half-concave washers against the cylindrical brake bridge, while frames made for recessed rear brakes typically have a flattened center section of the brake bridge which doesn't match up with half-concave washers. Still, it just seems a matter of changing washers.


Jerry Moos

Doug Van Cleve <> wrote:

Rivendell Bicycle Works sells or at least used to sell a nylon bushing that neatly adapted allen mount frames/forks to nut mount brakes. Just checked, they still have them: . =09 Doug Van Cleve Chandler, AZ =09 =09 On 2/1/06, KO Kevin wrote: > > From: "Kerrigan Bennett" > Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 06:39:17 -0800 > Subject: [CR]Adapter/bushing for nutted brake bolts > > + > for+nutted+brake+bolts%22&SearchPrefix=%40msgsubject&SortBy=MsgDate%5

> Ba%
   > 5D>
   > I've made bushings by carefully drilling through recessed brake nuts
   > (removing all threads and drilling through the allen head. Put the nut
   > in a vise and drill carefully, as the bit will want to grab the threads.
   > If you have a drill press and vise, this will work much better than a
   > hand held drill, but I've done it both ways. What you end up with is a
   > nice bushing with a shoulder that will sit in the recess of the fork or
   > rear brake bridge.
   > Another alternative is to switch front and rear brake bolts, using the
   > rear on the front with a recessed allen nut, and then cut and rethread
   > the front brake bolt to work with a recessed allen nut on the rear brake
   > bridge.
   > Kevin Ko
   > Eugene, OR
   > List members,
   > I recently bought a bike that came with a nutted brakeset and, after
   > removing the brakeset for cleaning, found that the frame and fork were
   > drilled for recessed brake nuts. I'm looking for the
   > adapters/bushings/inserts for use of nutted brakes and I can't seem to
   > remember where I've seen this part. (My searches of the archives have
   > not yielded any results). Anybody know where these can be had?
   > Kerrigan Bennett
   > Pleasant Hill, CA
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