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My information says that the Masi Diamond Jubilee was made by Mondonico for Torelli Imports. I've owned one and when I got it there was a Torelli tag on it. And you are right, the paint is spectacular. Looks like it has diamond dust in platinum paint. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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Att. Masi aficionados-

I purchased a brand new 58cm Masi Diamond Jubilee (#21 of 100 frames) 3V a few years ago on eBay for $500 (I bid during the last minute, and turned out to be the only bidder [?!]. When I had my '84 Gran Criterium refurbished last summer Susan Cunningham at CycleArt said she had never come across one of these (her husband used to work at Masi CA)

Does anyone out there have any knowledge about if this is a rare/valuable frame, or 'just' a Masi with a nice paint job?

Ken S. Naylor Fargo, ND

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Well I am sure the sharks are chumming for this one. I am glad it is not my size or my wife would kill me!


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