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From: "Eugene Powell" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]home-made aluminum road frame
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 08:08:11 -0800
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Well, You could take the framebuilding class at UBI........................

Or, Doug Fattic also teaches a few at a time and is right in your back yard...........................

On Feb 7, 2006, at 7:00 AM, Aldo Ross wrote:
> So... Saturday this guy walks into the LBS (Cycles Gaansari in
> Springboro) with a polished aluminum 1983 "Burkett". "Where did you
> get
> that?" we asked. "I made it" was the guys answer.
> Kevin Burkett is a Dayton-area machinist with well over 30 years
> experience. Back in the early 1980s his son was racing BMX, and Kevin
> decided to try his hand at building for him a few extra-light aluminum
> frames. Then Kevin decided to design and build a bike for himself, and
> this was the result.
> I took some pictures, but my digital camera isn't very good at bike
> pics, plus my camera was still cold from the snowy ride to Springboro,
> so I apologize for the poor quality:
> Kevin machined the seat cluster, fork crown, and drop-outs from billet.
> Note the milling and engraving on the headtube. The main triangle is
> welded and polished - he didn't do the welding himself, but assembled
> everything in his own jig and took it to a friend who was good with
> aluminum welding.
> The entire bike is brightly polished, all the tubing was turned and
> polished on a lathe. "Anytime it gets a scratch or gash, I just sand
> it
> out and polish it up again."
> Aldo Ross
> (Felt a little bit inadequate riding home on a bike I didn't build
> myself!)
> Middletown, Ohio

Gene Powell
Rad Finishes
Portland, OR