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>>> It's not the hands off shifters, it's the extra 20-30% pedaling time for
>>> the same distance on a fixed. Much more effective saddle time.
>>> BUT if you master the fixed pedaling and transfer it to the freewheel,
>>> how smooth will you be then?? Ah-ha said Edison.
>>> You could park your bike and not lock a fixed, but too many will steal
>>> anything not welded down and probably crash when trying to race away.
>>> I used to take my toestrap undo it from the clamp and strap it around
>>> the stay or spokes. For my road bike I'd loosen the rear QR.
>>> Then the rear wheel would jam.
>>> The only problem is that many guys had bikes swiped by SOB's throwing
>>> them in a van, pick-up or big car and zoom, off your bike went --5
>>> seconds!!
>>> As for jamming through traffic on a fixed, it looks and is dangerous up
>>> to a point, but once practiced the bike is going to be safer than you
>>> suspect, because if a car gets you, the car will usually get another car
>>> in those close quarters, and cars will usually try to be evasive.
>>> The riders get VERY skilled at letting the driver be evasive while
>>> snaking, sneaking through, and taking the right of way.
>>> Of course it's dangerous, but you can fall off the toilet, too.
>>> The short wheel base gets to be most adroit under skilled feet, making
>>> toe overlap worries sort of moot.
>>> Ted Ernst
>>> Palos Verdes Estates, CA
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>>>> You says....
>>>>> Fixed gear = track riding for me.
>>>>> You want smooth constant cadence? Keep your hands off
>>>>> the derailleur shifters!
>>>> Silly guys like Lance Armstrong, Tyler Hamilton, and countless others
>>>> who train on fixies...
>>>> silly coaches like Andrez Beck, Mike Walden who led a good number of
>>>> riders to Pro ranks and championships...and about a hundred other
>>>> coaches and sports specialists...what were they thinking endorsing
>>>> those fixed gear bicycles...seems you have summed it all up. Just keep
>>>> those hands off the derailluer shifters....
>>>> key word in your quote...when you say "for me".
>>>> Walter Skrzypek
>>>> Falls Creek, Pa