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I also remember that she rode her bike to the hospital to give birth! (Her second child IIRC) She was quite a woman!

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Dale Brown wrote:
> << I remember being quite captivated by a female competitor's
> Eisentraut, which I thought was the most
> beautiful frame I'd seen up to that point (talking about the bike not
> the girl though her frame was also stunning...)>>
> Seems like I recall Mejee Reoch (sp?) riding an Eisentraut A frame,
> burgundy IIRC about that time.

>From the Cycling Hall of Fame

MARY JANE REOCH "Miji" was born In 1945 and was killed in a tragic training ride while coaching a client on September 11, 1993. Among her accomplishments to the competitive field include winning the National Championship eleven times, winning the silver medal in the 1975 Women's World Pursuit Championship, World Championship Team member nine times, and the first American woman to break four minutes in the 3,000 meter pursuit. When she retired from competition, Miji became active in coaching. She coached womens' racing teams for over 15 years. Olympic Champion Connie Carpenter-Phinney has described Miji as her mentor. Just prior to her death she completed co-authoring a book on winter training.
>From the September issue, Greater Dallas Bicyclists Spokesman (PO Box 12822, Dallas TX 75225; web page: http://rampages.onramp.net/~msargent/gdb/

MOTORIST WHO KILLED MIJI REOCH ARRESTED IN MEXICO In 1993, Mario Nambo Lara hit and killed Mary Jane (Miji) Reoch while she was out on a training ride near White Rock Lake in the Dallas area. Lara had crossed into her lane, hitting her head-on and knocking her 95 feet into the lake. He then fled to Mexico to evade arrest on charges of involuntary manslaughter. While Mexican law prevents extradition, Lara will be prosecuted under Article 4, a provision of Mexican law that lets the Mexican atturney general's office handle cases for non-Mexican law enforcement agencies.

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