Re: [CR] GB Stem was: For sale; Vintage items for sale on Ebay.

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Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 19:40:35 -0500
From: "Phil Sieg" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] GB Stem was: For sale; Vintage items for sale on Ebay.
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I have electronic versions of the Aids catalogues for '52-'70, '75-'76 and '81, plus a smattering of pre-war excerpts. I also have spearpoint, Kromo, early Neta, girder and Biba stems (hope to add a late Neta soon) plus Maes, Capo Berta and Touring bars with the fancy ferrules, map of England Ventouxs, a later Touring bend and the Grand Bretagne bars.

I think there are relevant data in the Kitchings catalogues, too, which I can add (if Chuck Schmidt gives his blessings since these are reprints I obtained from him). I'll be happy to post the relevant pages and photos (which will force me to clean up a few bars).

The Aids catalogues aren't long on pictures and some of the descriptions are cryptic at best, but it would be a start. Just let me know.

Phil Sieg Knoxville, Tennessee wrote:
>If someone has the Holdsworthy Aids catalogues for a range of years and
>assuming they carried GB bars, stems and brakes, a simple scan of the
>revelevent pages plus some nice digitals of the real thing (stem and bars)
>would go a long way in filling this cap. "Cycling" is better since they
>literally had articles and announcements telling us specifically when
>something came out but this is a lot more time consuming. Especially when
>you get distracted reading about the latest Sun Manxman TT or Coloral
>This could go either on the Wooljersey site or with Dale's assistance on
>the CR site in the British component section.
>Peter Kohler
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