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Subject: Re: [CR]ID: Very unusual Campy Record front derailleur
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 08:03:06 -0500

What is also strange is that she appears to have a circlip on the upper pivot which would indicate an early 70's changer. The circlip was clearly added after the cable stop was eliminated and then there was period when the non-cable stop ones were offered still without a circlip and then finally with the circlip.

Yes, something strange - is it possible to replace the pin (which the upper arm pivots on) to build/assemble something such as this?

Sorry, more questions and no answers!

Eric Elman
Somers, CT USA
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Subject: [CR]ID: Very unusual Campy Record front derailleur

> Can anyone shed light on this seemingly 1960s Campagnolo Record front
> derailleur that just ended somewhat cheaply on Ebay:
> =STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1>
> Or, ebay item number 7216813371
> It has been my (limited) experience that the 1970s models changed to the
> larger and flat faced lower clamp pin housing in about 1974 or so. Prior
> to that,
> they had a much more rounded and brief face. I have had two 1960s
> versions
> with built in cable stop pass through my hands, and both have the round,
> brief
> face.
> This Ebay subject derailleur seems to have the post 1973 flat face,
> however
> it also has a built in cable casing stop like 1960s models ... what is up
> with
> this? Possible FrankenChanger, or knock-off brand main body substitution?
> Or, is it simply a version that I haven't noticed yet? Thanks to all...


> Ciao,

> Mark Agree

> Southfield MI