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Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 18:52:03 -0500
Subject: [CR]Pic of the Day - 1938 Rambouillet

Pic of the Day 13 February, 2006

1936 Rambouillet


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I always thought "Rambouillet" was just some sort of fancy sheep named after some French town (and a bicycle, of course). I never realized it was also a hot-spot for French cyclocross, home of "l'annuel cross cyclo-pédestre du Velo Rambolitain". Main picture shows Kamiel Vermassen (Belgium) leading fellow countryman Charles Vaast through a wee bit of water. Vermassen would lead from the start, only to crash on the final lap and be forced to abandon.

Left inset - Eventual winner Georges Peuziat leading Saunier, who will finish third.

Right inset - Bertellin takes a bath in one of the water pits on the broken course.

Charles Vaast would go on to win the 1939 Critérium International de Cyclo-Cross (pre-war equivalent of the World Cyclocross Championships).
>From "Match l'Intran" No.499, 4 February 1936.

Aldo Ross
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