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I have to agree with Mr Earle. Cleaning parts in gasoline, Kerosene, etc is a foolish way to go. Keep doing it long enough, especially inside and you might burn your house down.

Ultra Sonic tanks have come a long way in the last 10 years. You want to get one with at least for sound units and a heater. It should be large enough to put a crankset in the parts basket. Yes, initially they are expensive, however you can find them on line used or at a Medical Arts Supply house in your area and they will pay for themselves. Here's another benefit for those of you who have a shop in your basement: Your significant other won't complain about the smell or mess like she does with your present configuration.

Peter Koskinen Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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Hello Don, I have been using karosene in my lidded parts washing tank for several years, (ten or twelve), and have been pretty happy with the results. I find karosene to be a good, fairly mild, grease and grime cutter. It has a relatively low odor, doesn't seem to evaporate too quickly and it is not so flammable as some other fluids. Mostly though the karosene is an affordable option for me. I will add that proper ventilation, protective gloves, and a metal tank with it's fire suppression lid are very important to have and use. Cheers, Jeff Nye Ft. Collins, CO

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> I know we are supposed to remain civil here, but I have to weigh in:

Does anyone have thoughts on kerosene instead? I've heard it's just as effective and much safer, but it was a slightly questionable source that I heard that from.

Don Rogers
Rumford, RI