Re: [CR]BB fixed cup tool by Bringheli

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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 14:08:59 -0800
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]BB fixed cup tool by Bringheli
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John Thompson wrote:
> jimmy katynski wrote:
> > Alot of talk has been floating around about a good bb fixed cup
> > removal tool. I have one made by Joe Bringheli of Parma Ohio. This is
> > a very heavy duty tool and hasent seen a bb fixed cup it wasnt able to
> > remove yet. There is a picture at
> >
> That one looks to be based on the VAR and Campy fixed cup tools and
> should work just as well -- as long as your fixed cup is one of the
> standard types for which the tool's jaw is designed. The problem with
> these is that if you have an odd-ball cup (e.g. the fixed cup on my
> Atala:, you're still
> stuck, and so is the cup. :-(
> I've tried valiantly to remove this cup, but it resists all my efforts.
> I even made a Stein-type "squeeze" universal fixed cups tools (e.g.
> but it was unable to grip tightly enough, even with a monster wrench and
> bench-mounted vise. In desperation I took it to my LBS (the first time
> in about 20 years I've let someone else work on one of my bikes!) and
> they failed as well with heat/cold/monster wrenches, young, tough guys
> pulling on them, etc. So there it sits, while the Italian thread Campy
> BB I wanted to use gathers dust.

I did all the same things you did/had done (same three notch fixed cup on an Olmo) and finally had a friend tig a piece of steel bar to the fixed cup. Came right out and the heat of tigging the fixed cup didn't affect the paint on the frame.

Chuck "drastic times require drastic measures" Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California