Viking geometries; was [CR]Re: Peter Brown Viking ques

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From: "Charles T. Young" <>
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Subject: Viking geometries; was [CR]Re: Peter Brown Viking ques
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 19:20:43 -0500

To add another data point or so on Viking machines, I have a path bike with 40 inch wheelbase and approx. 1 3/4 inch rake. Haven't pulled off the angles but they aren't steep. Somebody out there can probably ballpark them from the photos here:

Has mudguard eyes but there isn't a great deal of clearance. Not an issue with the almost completely ineffectual blue sparkle Bluemels shorties (they prevent earthworms from getting flung up onto the seatpin clamp area). It is wearing 700c x 25mm tubulars and could probably wear full mudguards without toe clip overlap (size 10.5 ft) if fitted closely. The round fork blades do a splendid job of smoothing the road.

Charlie Young Honey Brook, PA

Dan wrote:
> According to Dale's CR guide, a pricelist for Viking from 1960 shows
> parallel 72 degrees and what appears to be 2-1/2" rake:
> http://www.classic
> I've got a Severn Valley still being fine tuned at:
> http://community.websh
> so I've been following this thread quite
> closely. Craig Montgomery in Arizona, who also owns one, told me that he
> noticed some wheel flop. I've noted a very stable ride that seems to
> appreciate larger tires, thus the 27x1-1/4's on it right now. Very cushy!
> The combination seems to make roads undulate rather than bump. The rear
> triangle seems a bit tighter than I would have expected with my limited
> knowledge of 60's bikes, but clearance for mudguards would make it snug
> for removing the rear wheel. More info. about Viking is available at the
> website:
> iking.htm
> Regards & happy trails,
> Dan Artley in Parkton, Maryland