Re: [CR]E.BayA high price to pay ?

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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 13:19:29 -0800 (PST)
From: "Peter Naiman" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]E.BayA high price to pay ?
To: Doug Smith <>,
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Doug; I'm observing high reserves as well as very high selling prices for individual componants on Ebay as well. When the economy was down over here, prices seemed to take a dip, but it seems as if all componants or the majority of desriable componants are hitting higher prices than I've previously noticed. As a seller, I won't complain, but I never run a resrve priced auction unless it's a full bike. I also can't remember the last time I've seen over 2000 item listed in the Cycling/Vintage section of Ebay.

Best regards, Peter Naiman Glendale, WI

P.S. Hoping to make the Hetchin's Rally and Northern Ireland in July.

Doug Smith <> wrote: I am absolutely astounded at the reserve price of goods required by some of the sellers on E.Bay. When I compare some of the inflated prices on E.Bay to those in other various scources in the UK the mind boggles. I use as an example a frame now been currently bid for and has reached in my opinion a reasonable offer but much too far away from the reserve to be met. So what is it makes some sellers appear to be anxious and exploit a market particularly to the customers in the USA where demand appears to be at its greatest.

My comparison of the foregoing is based on my own example on a near indentical frame I have offered for sale here in the UK at less than the reserve price advertised on E.Bay and to date no buyers.My frame has a high specification and in NOS condition with only some of the orignal clear varnish discolouring in places. Whilst I am not really worried whether mine sells or not it does lead me to wonder where the buying and selling at what I consider inflated prices will end. I do realise the pricing and buying of goods has always been a personal matter between seller and buyer and the final outcome is there own business alone.

Maybe I should'nt be so concerned over such matters but it really gets to me personally when I see this type of thing going on in our interest of restoring and collecting the classic bikes. The monitory thinking and actions by the few appears to spoil a pastime and hobby that is enjoyed by the majority who for some reason or other cannot always afford to buy in the present so called market!

Doug Smith
North Dorset