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That was the Annandale Bicycle Center owned by Mel Pinto whose warehouse was upstairs. He also owned Cycles and Sports in Arlington, VA and Rockville, MD. Mel Pinto Imports is still in the same location in Annandale, VA today.

Peter Koskinen Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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While we are reminiscing about the shops in DC (and Alexandria to an extent) can we move the discussion west about 10 miles to Falls Church? When I lived in FC there were 2 shops in the city, Nachmans up on Rte 7 across from the Giant (later to be take over by Don Beyer volvo used car sales) There was a second shop on Annandale road just up the road from Mel Pinto's operation (before he moved to fairfax). Does anyone recall what shop that was? It was between 29 and 50. or is this a senior moment and it was really an audio store (not myer emco)

Marty Eison Frisco (far piece from kennedy's health foods), Texas.