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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 22:07:52 -0800 (PST)
From: "Peter Naiman" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Chrome Paramount
To: Donald Gillies <>,
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Don; As I wrote to Daniel, I can't fathom why a Paramount should go so high, but I would guess because of the near NOS condition. I know the 1969 calipers are worth a small fortune, but the rest of the parts are just very nice early NR that I know of.

What it really makes me wonder is what the real value of my unrestored full chrome 1938 Hetchins Anglo Continental Special might be. That I know of, there are only about a half dozen Anglo's from the Pre-war period surviving, and mine is one of only two full chrome Continental Specials known. I paid what I thought was quite a handsome sum of cash for it about three or four years ago, but not nearly what the Paramount went for.

Peter Naiman Milwaukee, WI

Donald Gillies <> wrote: Daniel (and other CR newbies),

This is a good topic-starter, BUT - please write your emails as if your audience is deaf and dumb, with NO access to Ebay. Because in the future when people search the archives, NOBODY will know what auction #xyz means. When talking about bikes and ebay, always list model, size, and current liting price. CR is intended as an _archive_ mailing list.

Ebay Auction #7219099201 is a 1969 Schwinn Paramount, 21", chrome, campagnolo no-logo brakeset, Clement Campion Del Mondo tubulars, fluted seat post, and just ended with a price of $3650. The condition looks "close to NOS". I believe that this was sold by John Barron (velostuf, a CR list sponsor).

This is really an astonishing price, Congratulations John! Can anyone explain this high price? Most paramounts sell in the $700 - $900 range these days, with chromed ones going for $900-$1200, usually.

What gives ??

- Don Gillies
San Diego, CA