Re: [CR]Chrome Paramount; why so RARE and COLLECTABLE?

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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 13:38:51 -0500
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To bolster Dale's and Jerry's argument, I offer the other extreme.

URL:<blah> Ebay Item # 7219820654

No disrespect to the seller but the one poor picture, incomplete title and vague auction text probably led to the low price paid for this bike. If indeed the bike was in "really good condition" the frame would sell for at least $200 with the components bringing a few hundred more. For $207.50 I should have taken the chance and bought it myself. It is my size.

George Allen Lexington, Ky

At 11:40 AM 2/23/2006, Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:
>Having last year bought two very nice chrome Paramounts, a 72 and a
>73, for $1000 to $1100 each, I must say I'm astounded at the price,
>certainly much more than I would pay.
> But Dale's points are well taken, particularly in regard to the
> seller, list member John Barron. We often note that nice bikes go
> unsold because of inaccurate discriptions, bad pictures, or sellers
> with minimal or poor feedback. This is the classic counter-example
> to that. John Barron does it right in every respect. Honest,
> accurate description, great photos, impeccible reputation, both on
> eBay and beyond. If John Barron says it, you can believe it every
> time. While I wouldn't pay that price, it's nice to see John
> rewarded with a top price for his first-class efforts.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Big Spring, TX
> wrote:
> << Extreme rarity does not always equate to high prices in the
>Indeed. Some things are so rare, that no one ever heard of them nor
>gives a hoot.
>So why does someone value that bike to the tune of $3600 + - ?
>1. Original, top condition, careful prep and correctly equipped. (no
>restoration or obvious refurbishment.)
>2. High nostalgia points (Many young persons lusted after chrome
>3. Distinctive model of type (full chrome and short lived Prugnat
>4. Special parts (No logo brakes.)
>5. Size suitable for collectors.
>6. Very good photos ( many exceptional items are poorly photographed &
>thereby auction scuttled.)
>7. Trustworthy & respected seller
>Dale Brown
>Greensboro, NC USA
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>From: Chuck Schmidt
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>Peter Naiman wrote:
> >
> > What it really makes me wonder is what the real value of my
>unrestored full
>chrome 1938 Hetchins Anglo Continental Special might be. That I know
>of, there
>are only about a half dozen Anglo's from the Pre-war period surviving,
>and mine
>is one of only two full chrome Continental Specials known. I paid what
>I thought
>was quite a handsome sum of cash for it about three or four years ago,
>but not
>nearly what the Paramount went for.
>Extreme rarity does not always equate to high prices in the marketplace.
>Chuck Schmidt
>South Pasadena, Southern California