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Subject: Now: Carpenter; Was : [CR]E-Bay here's something you don't often see!
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Yes, you don't often see Carpenter's on E-Bay - there was one a few months back which was unbadged and listed as unknown 1940s frameset.

I have a 1948-9 Carpenter frameset currently lurking in Doug Smith's loft while I try to get my act together to get it painted and then shipped here. Doug had a restored 1947-8 version which he recently sold to someone on the CR list.

These are interesting lightweight bikes from a respected small London maker. John Gill, the VCC marque specialist for Carpenter writes that their reputation was up there with Ephgrave and Hetchins. The father and son firm was started around 1920 and closed some time in the early 1960s. Pre-War bikes were built at their Penton Road shop, however, they were bombed out of that location during the War and moved to new facilities in Kingston-on Thames. According to John, about 100 frames were built each year (except for the War years where they turned to munitions work - IIRC). Quoting John he says that

"the frames are noted for excellent workmanship and all seem to steer very well indeed. Several of the "old hands" I have talked to recall them as being known as the Rolls-Royce of lightweights - noted for superb crftsmanship and alignment but of discrete appearance."

Of course, perhaps the most interesting aspect of these Carpenters is their fabulous Art Deco headbadges based on a theatre sign (can't remember which one off-hand). The earlier badges had the Penton St. address on them - as does mine although it is post-War - likely a case of using up old stock.

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Subject: [CR]E-Bay here's something you don't often see!

> There is a 22 1/2" Carpenter listed on E-Bay, item # 7221277528 that
> somehow really strikes a chord in me. She is like a faded film
> star...been
> around, but still possessed of a kind of ageless beauty. Checked Dales
> sight and there is the briefest write up of Carpenter, but no bike
> those who love fancy lugs check this out and sigh! And that
> Art
> Deco head badge...ahh. I'll bet some of our Brit buddies can fill us in a
> bit on Carpenter...hope so.
> Tom Sanders
> Lansing, Mi