[CR]Re: Places to stay for Hand Built Bike Show

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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 12:27:53 -0500
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Subject: [CR]Re: Places to stay for Hand Built Bike Show

If you're looking for someplace that's a little out of the way, I'll be staying at the St. Francis Arms in Sunnyvale (about 10 miles from the Convention Center). It's a converted apartment complex, so all the rooms are "suites" with kitchens and separate bedrooms. It's set up for business travelers. Best of all the rates are downright cheap for the Bay Area - less than $80 per night. Oh, and that includes breakfast... Any time I go to the Bay Area, it's the place I stay.

Just Google "St. Francis Arms Sunnyvale, CA"

Hope you all find the way to San Jose...

Mark Ritz
Rainy Arcata, CA